About Us

Salida Green is family owned and operated, growing our hemp without pesticides and herbicides, allowing the plants to develop their own immunities and strengths in our rugged climate, growing in clean, natural soil. Our goal is not to maximize the number of pounds of product per acre, but to maximize the natural healing potential of this astounding plant.

Our raw whole-plant extract offers you the full power of millions of years of development in nature’s own laboratory: The Earth. We cherish these healing plants and what they do for our bodies and minds, as well as our land.

Ed became interested in hemp, bought some of the first industrial hemp seeds cultivated in Colorado, and planted… in 2016. Ed did all the real labor that year. Due mostly to a lack of experience, that 2016 crop fed a healthy community of red ants and pocket gophers. In 2017, Paula, Becky and our friend Jerry stepped up and we got two acres planted. That was the year of too much blessed rain and much of that crop drowned. What we did harvest was high quality. It has an extremely good terpene and flavonoid profile and very high CBD content.

We expanded our 2018 planting, doing a better job of soil amendment with the abundant aged manure from the old dairy operation at the farm. With the wonderful good fortune of the addition of Big Mike, our farm manager, and some good advice and assistance from our colleague Ford and his crew, we got 2 ½ acres planted. Then the drought hit, and we hauled water, bought water, and rented water. Lucky for us, hemp is one tough weed, because those girls flourished and we’ve got another beautiful crop!

Ed & Joe Dog

Ed Berg came to hemp in 2015 as a conservationist studying permaculture and resisting a Nestle purchase of irrigation water from our valley. While Nestle won that fight, Ed became more of conservationist and environmentalist. He became more aware of the abusiveness of extraction agriculture and industrialized food supply. The economic and healing power of medicinal hemp has big potential for Rocky Mountain ranchers looking for ways to protect rangeland from the onslaught of development.


Bec and Paula on harvest day 2017

Paula Berg is our pragmatic Marketing Director. She cares deeply about the well being of her family, friends and neighbors. She keeps the home fires burning on the hearth and in the kitchen, where our products are made. Without her hands on the reins, Ed and Becky might just head for the nearest rainbow with Liz and Joe Dogs.

Becky Longberg cares for the babies in the spring, collects loose ends and manages the website. She’s had her hands in the dirt since her college days when she worked with a Landscape Designer and grew veggies and herbs on her deck of the 3rd floor walk-up in Capitol Hill, Denver. In every home she’s had, she grown a garden and planted a tree or three and now she gets to plant thousands of little trees every spring.

looking at soil

Mike Wallace is our Farm Manager. He loves an adventure, a good story and a strong beer. He’s got mad skills ’cause he’s seen most the world and tried his hand at more things than most. We love this guy – and no, you can’t have him.

Big Mike getting some love!


We appreciate our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or how we can improve.